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About Urban Fishkeeping

Urban Fishkeeping is our attempt to bring together our passion for everything fishkeeping through writing. And our only aim is to educate fellow hobbyists through our own experience and knowledge.

Meet Our Team

Rohit Gurung

Rohit Gurung

Hi! I am Rohit.
My never-ending love and fascination with Aquascaping started when I received a red-eared turtle for my 10th birthday.

Apart from researching and writing, I spend hours gazing at my 3 turtles. And yeah, I bask alongside them too.

Samridhi Shrestha

Hello, I am Samridhi, a proud pet parent of 7 shrimps, 36 fish, and counting!

When I first started fish keeping, I made many mistakes as there wasn’t much information on raising fish correctly.

That’s why I’ve joined the Urban Fishkeeping team hoping my years of experience with fish, shrimps, and turtles will help you make the right decisions for your pet.

Sandesh Shrestha

I’ve been raising pet turtles and fish since I was 12.

I am a web designer by profession and I  ensure that our website is up and running, so you have a smooth reading experience. In a nutshell, my superpower is to design and build a beautiful website.

If you want a website like ours, you can reach me out at social handles below.