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5 Best Automatic Koi Feeders In 2022 – What You Need to Know?

5 Best Automatic Koi Feeders In 2022 – What You Need to Know?

Sometimes, fishkeeping feels like a full-time job, doesn’t it? Even more so when you have an entire pond to take care of. Luckily, the advancement in technologies has taken some responsibilities off our shoulders. One such example is introducing an automatic koi feeder, generally known as an automatic pond fish feeder. 

These are super helpful for owners like us, who have to be away from the pond for an extended period. That’s why, after thorough research for days on ends, I’ve come up with a list of 5 best automatic koi feeders for you! 

My Top Choice

I would go with the Fish Mate P7000 for a smaller to a medium-sized pond. The quantity it holds is just the right amount for a pond moderately populated by koi or goldfish. 

You don’t need to mount it to the wall or suspend it above the water. It’s not too big or too small. Maintenance is easy, and its green hue helps it blend right into its landscape. 

As for larger koi ponds that demand heavy feeding, you can consider Wildgame Innovations Tri-Pod Feeder.

With its 30-gallon capacity, it can handle a good number of hungry koi. Likewise, its powerful casting distance also makes it suitable for larger ponds, while the metal built makes it weather and animal-proof—the must-have qualities in an automatic koi feeder for outdoors. 

Now let’s check out the detailed reviews. 

Fish Mate P7000 Pond Feeder 

The P7000 Pond Feeder by Fish Mate is an affordable automatic feeder that’s perfect for small koi or goldfish ponds. 

It is a standalone hopper-type feeder with a 1.8 US gallon (7 liters) capacity. Tentatively, it can hold around 30 cups of sticks or pellet food. Also, there are options for variable feed portions from three teaspoons onward. 

For power, it is supported by 4x C Cell batteries that will last you at least 7 months before requiring replacement. 

Fish Mate P7000 Pond Feeder hasn’t cut any corners for a small device, and that’s what I like about it the most. Easily, you can get a few weeks’ worths of automated feeding done before refilling the container. 

The feeder is equipped with a programmable LCD display that allows you to customize the feeding routine three times a day. 

You need to place it on the pond’s edge, where the feed will dispense and disperse from the chute. We recommend you to attach it to a sturdy, large base, so that wind, curious children, or animals don’t tip it off. 

Based on real buyers’ reviews, here’s a list of this automatic koi feeder’s pros and cons.


  • The see-through hopper makes it easy to track the feed’s quantity 
  • Very accurate when it comes to dosage 
  • Suitable for small ponds, indoor ponds, and tanks 
  • Good Storage Capacity 
  • Options for variable feed proportions


  • Complicated to program
  • The feed chute is quite short 

Wildgame Innovations Tri-Pod Feeder 

This 30-gallon automatic feeder by Wildlife Innovations is marketed as a deer feeder primarily. However, it works absolutely fine for a larger koi pond, commercial hatcheries, and even small lakes. 

Wildgame Innovations have carved a niche for themselves for their durable and high-quality automatic feeders. 

The device needs a 6-volt rechargeable battery for constant operation. There’s also a solar power option that needs to be bought separately. Likewise, the programmable timer enables you to set daily feeding times and repetitions.

It allows you to feed 4 times a day, which is, in fact, the recommended number of servings for koi fish. The interface is also quite simple to understand and execute. 

 As for casting distance, it can shoot feed up to 30 feet based on its position and height. However, the more reasonable distance would be 5-10 feet. 

The unit is weighty in itself but gets even more bulkier when feed is added. Thus, it balances perfectly on a steel tripod. You can bolt the tripod’s legs at a distance from the pond or even stake it at the water’s edge because of rust-proof and anti-corrosion coating. 

Based on real buyers’ reviews, here’s a list of this automatic koi feeder’s pros and cons.


  • Powerful far-casting distance 
  • Solid-built and durability 
  • Suitable for large koi ponds 
  • Two options for power, batteries and solar energy, available 
  • Big storage capacity 


  • Can be noisy during operation 

Flexzion Automatic Fish Food Feeder 

This automatic pond fish feeder model by Flexzion is best suited for smaller or indoor ponds. Its petite size gives it a capacity of 1.1 US gallons (4.25 liter), which is ideal for a smaller pond. 

For starters, it looks good, functions well, and is backed by a one-year warranty by the manufacturer. 

Designed to be wall-mounted, this feeder has a transparent contained made out of plastic. Thus, it makes it simpler for you to gauge how much feed is left and when to refill. As for the types of feed, it works perfectly well with pellets, crisps, flakes, and dry feeding sticks. 

It can dispense precise portion sizes four times a day for up to 99 days for an individual setup. The easy-to-use LCD panel on the base makes it very simple to dictate when and how much to dispense. 

Powered by 4 C batteries, it also has a low battery indicator. Thus, that effectively removes any uncertainty when it comes to operations as it won’t die on you at most inconvenient hours.

Based on real buyers’ reviews, here’s a list of this automatic koi feeder’s pros and cons.


  • Very easy to program 
  • Has a low-battery indicator 
  • Customizable with multiple dispensing settings 
  • Responsive customer service 


  • It’s not weather-proof 
  • The spout gets moist with rain or morning dew

Moultrie MFG-13282 Directional Hanging Feeder

The Moultrie Feedcaster is a heavy-duty fish feeder that’s ideal for big ponds of commercial hatcheries. It boasts of an impressive 6.5-gallon metal drum that needs to be suspended directly above the water. 

The bucket and lid are both made of metal, which gives greater protection against nature’s elements.

The container can hold 50 pounds of fish food, which will make sure that you don’t have to worry about refilling it for days and weeks on end. Moreover, the motorized device can shoot feeds and pellets up to the distance of 25 feet in a narrow throw pattern. It operates on one 6-volt battery.

As for the feeding cycle, you can program it to dispense food for up to six times a day for periods ranging from 1 to 20 seconds. Now that’s perfect for koi fish or goldfish that need to be fed small quantities throughout the day. 

Lastly, a newly designed spinner plate with an agitator and anti-clog technology allows you to use different fish food formats without having to worry about the feeder being jammed. 

Based on real buyers’ reviews, here’s a list of this automatic koi feeder’s pros and cons.


  • The metal container and lid makes it suitable to use outdoors 
  • Long-throw capacity suitable for narrow ponds, food plots, and trails 
  • Features an anti-clog technology 
  • Can be powered using batteries or solar energy 
  • High-volume capacity makes it suitable for big ponds


  • The lid seal may not fit well
  • Not powerful enough for feed like corn 

Fish Mate Automatic Pond Fish Feeder 

Yet another one by Fish Mate, this is the simplest but quite reliable automatic koi feeder on our list. 

It doesn’t have any fancy LCD panel and several buttons to operate. It efficiently works using a quartz timer that is powered by an AA battery. The battery will work for at least a year before you need to change it. 

The feeder features a handy little indicator that shows the battery status so that you can replace it when deemed necessary. 

Designed for small ponds, this one is particularly suitable for you if you have a little or an indoor pond. With this feeder, you’re in good hands because it has a food capacity of around 21 meals and multiple settings to adjust the feed quantity. The feed quantity can be is controlled by a primary sliding plastic plate.

For its modest price, this device is impressively weather-proof. Thus, there’s no chance of water getting inside, which would have attracted slugs. 

Easy usability, accurate portions, and reasonable pricing make this automatic pond fish feeder by Fish Mate a great choice if you’re on a budget. 

Based on real buyers’ reviews, here’s a list of this automatic koi feeder’s pros and cons:


  • Weather-proof and water-resistant 
  • The capacity of up to 21 meals 
  • Reliable quartz timer 
  • Adjustable feed controller 
  • Low-battery indicator 


  • Can be slightly complex to set up initially 
  • Reliability may not be consistent unit to unit 

Before you decide on one, there are some things I’d want you to know. 

How Does An Automatic Koi Feeder Work?

An automatic koi feeder works just like any other self-regulating tank feeder. It is powered by electricity or battery and can dispense pre-determined portions of fish foods at the preset interval.

You can either hang or mount these automatic pond fishers to the edge of the pond. Suspended over the water, these feeders directly dispense the food into the water. 

You can also use a ground-mounted pond feeder if you have a small indoor pond. However, it’s not suitable for a pond with many fishes as they have to all assemble near the edge where the feeder is located. 

Overall, a hanging/mounted automatic koi feeder offers more functionality and a better feeding experience if you have made proper hanging arrangements. 

In the wild, koi fishes learn to feed on natural foods like worms, insects, and algae. But the ones we have at home were bred in commercial hatcheries and fed commercial feeds. 

Thus, you have to make always ensure they receive proper nutrition. 

What To Consider When Buying An Automatic Koi Feeder?

An automatic feeder includes a container filled with fish food and a programmable timer in its basic form. But there are several models available to buy with their own unique features and claims. So, factors like size, casting distance, ventilation, and flexibility come into play.


if you have many fishes and the feeder’s capacity is small, you’ll have to refill it every other day. Likewise, why would you buy a feeder with a large bin if you only have a couple of fish, right? 

Time and Quantity Controller: An automatic fish feeder with fickle time and quantity controller is no good. For starters and basically everyone, a feeder with an LCD screen that shows exactly what you are inputting is a great choice. 

Feeding Flexibility

Feeding frequency can either make or break a deal when buying an automatic koi feeder. Some feeders only dispense the food once a day, while some will do so up to 8 times. 

The rule of thumb is you should feed your koi four times a day, so feeders that dispense food less than 4 times a day is not the right one for your koi.


This is a must factor to consider when installing an automatic feeder for an outdoor pond. Once they know about the fish, squirrels and raccoons may visit your home frequently. A feeder built with or comes with a certain level of protection would be great for outdoors. 

Casting Distance

The casting mechanism differs depending on the feeder. Some will disperse the feed when dispensing, while some will only concentrate on a small area. If you have many fishes, the latter shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise, you should invest in a one with greater casting distance. 


Ventilation is one important parameter to consider when buying an automatic koi feeder. The moisture buildup will cause the food to stick together and make the feeder inoperative. 

Some feeders come with mounted fans while some have vents built into the food bin so the moisture can evaporate.

Lastly, before we conclude, let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of an automatic koi feeder so you can make a better decision. 

Advantages of Automatic Koi Feeder

  • Saves your time
  • Easy to manage heavily stocked ponds
  • Waste is minimized
  • Easy to set up and operate

Saves Your Time

It can be worrisome when you can’t be home on time to feed your koi fish. It especially poses a problem if you have to be away for longer periods. 

With an automatic koi feeder, you can simply refill it when it’s running low, and that’s it. It will spare you some time, effort, and worry. 

Easy To Manage Heavily Stocked Ponds 

Keeping a koi fish pond is far more challenging than maintaining a regular tank. On top of that, koi need to be fed throughout the day—at least 4 times—unlike 2 big meals in the morning and evening. An automatic pond fish feeder will feed your fish at a timely interval and help you keep up with the natural feeding pattern without having to do anything. 

Waste Is Minimized 

With self-regulated feeders, you have full control over what amount of food is to be dispensed. As a result, it helps to avoid waste buildup and manage water quality. Similarly, as fish keepers, we’re often guilty of going overboard and feeding extra. With a feeder, the problem of overfeeding is minimized too. 

Easy To Set Up And Operate

You can easily install and run an automatic feeder with the help of simple instructions. You don’t really need any extra knowledge or professional help to set it up. 

Disadvantages of Automatic Koi Feeder 

  • No personal connection with fish
  • It can be expensive

No Personal Connection With Fish

The biggest con of having an automatic koi feeder is you lose the social connection with your koi fish to an extent. That’s why, despite having a feeder, we recommend you to hand-feed your fish once in a while. 

It Can Be Expensive

With all the functionalities that an automatic koi feeder offers, it’s obvious that it won’t come cheap. Sometimes, a big feeder can be an overkill for a small or a lightly stocked pond. Likewise, if the feeder isn’t solar-powered, it will increase your energy bills. 

Conclusion: 5 Best Automatic Koi Feeders In 2022

I have executed a lot of caution and time to come up with a list, and I’m confident that all of the products mentioned are great in terms of their usability and the value they provide for their respective price points. 

However, it boils down to your pond’s size and the creature that resides there. Find one that speaks to your pond’s need and never worry about hungry koi ever again!