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Do Turtles Have Knees?

Do Turtles Have Knees?

Knees help us keep our bodies in an upright position without using muscles. Their flexibility enables us to lower or raise our bodies as per our needs. 

It is one of the complex joints in our body. But, as the advanced species of this planet, are we the only ones to take advantage of this vital joint? 

What about reptiles? What about our turtle friends? Do they have knees?

Do Turtles Have Knees?

Although knees aren’t observed forthright on a turtle’s body, there have been hints of non-bony kneecaps in turtles and other reptiles. These non-bony kneecaps are also found in the marsupials (Kangaroos).

As we are unsure of the truth about a turtle’s knees, what’s certain, then?

It’s the elbows!

Turtles, like many animals, have distinct elbows, which help them move their appendages.

Turtles have pronated elbows, which open skyward when tucked into sides and the palms. Their forelimbs and toes continue extending anteriorly. 

So, there haven’t been empirical findings on whether turtles have knees or not. 

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